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Set of 4 products
Freezer Gel Pack
Drink Bottle

Welcome to Boxy Design

Are you tired of trying to find the right solution to your children's carrying needs for school or kinder?

We were, so we decided to design our own wrapper-free lunchboxes, school backpacks, freezer gel packs and drink bottles. Our aim was to design a practical, environmentally friendly, durable system that encouraged healthy eating.

Our fantastic lunch backpack set includes a sturdy, ergonomic backpack with four separate compartments, and a large BPA free lunchbox with space for sandwiches, fruit, a spoon and two liquid-proof containers for liquid items like yogurt. The re-usable, non-toxic Freezer Gel Pack stays frozen longer than conventional ice blocks, and keeps food cool, fresh and safe. The drink bottle is teeth friendly, and also BPA free.

Boxy Design - great for kids, school, kinder, clubs, sports, sleepovers, travelling, picnics, adults - in fact, it has many uses for the entire family!